Making a Spiritual Pilgrimage

Mark Batterson often talks about the importance of making a spiritual pilgrimage to places of significance in our spiritual journey. This morning I was able to do just that.

During spring break of my sophomore year in college I went on a missions trip to Highway Tabernacle in Philadelphia. This trip changed my life. During my week there I felt God specifically direct me towards urban ministry. That trip is a big reason why I am doing what I am today. I still remember sitting in the nursery of that church one morning feeling stretched out of what was normal that I couldn’t help but surrender. It was a transformational moment in my life.

In addition to having the opportunity to see Highway Tabernacle again, I also was able to have breakfast with a hero of mine, Otto Wegner (the pastor of Highway Tabernacle). Otto has planted churches all over the Northeast and I love spending time with him because of his years of experience and wealth of wisdom. I just listened for a couple hours to him sharing about everything from church planting to CBC. It was awesome!! So needless to say, it was a good day!!

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