I want to try something here. Mentors are a valuable component to the health and success of any person. We all need to be ‘following someone as they follow Christ.’ Last week I told you about a mentor in my life, Otto Wegner. I’m curious to see what qualities are being invested into many of you. Leave a comment below and let us know who is a mentor in your life and what’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned from that mentor?

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  1. Being an “older Christian”, I have found faithful women of God to be my mentors through the years…Women like Jayne Grove, Angie Hafner, Mabel Elliott. These are women who were not famous, but took time to pour into my life – and the lives of others! And they all had a wonderful sense of humor!


  2. nick. you do not know me yet, but, I am close friends with chris and Kate griffin)pastor jeff. pastor cal and pastor pat summers, these 3 pastors have taught me how to live “on fire christin life” they not are my mentors. but I am very close friends personally as well..

    PS I need your help on my blog how to blog roll!!

    Karin Hope olson


  3. I have many wonderful mentors but 2 of my favorites are:
    – my mom – who has taught me how to be a woman of prayer & the Word & how to speak positive words of faith
    – Jeff Leake – who has taught me so much on self-management, leadership & life


  4. My pastor since childhood.
    He was a mentor to me.

    I saw his victories and accomplishments… and also I saw him at his lowest point.
    Just watching and letting him express to me some of the things that he had been through was liberating to me.

    I guess… when a person really invests and pours himself into you, you feel mentored.


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