Saying NO to Say YES

There is a disease that I suffer from. I think it is something I inherited from my mother. It often keeps me from being able to do what I really should be doing. And the worst part of this disease is I actually have the antidote. It is the disease of ‘The Yes.’

We are all guilty of always saying ‘Yes’. For some reason, it’s easier to take on more responsibility and more work than to simply offer the counter…No. In the craziness of life, though, we don’t realize that in saying ‘Yes’ to one thing, we’re actually saying ‘No’ to something else.

Our ability to lead will be based on our ability to ‘Yes’ to the right things and delegating or saying ‘No’ to the rest. My question for you is what are you saying ‘Yes’ to that you should be saying ‘No’?

3 thoughts on “Saying NO to Say YES

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  1. I used to have the same problem. Now I think I go to the opposite end of the spectrum.

    It can be very difficult to know how much you can and should do. Is it right to do things because you feel like you should rather than because you want to?


  2. Drew, it depends on why you feel you should? If it’s a matter of unhealthy obligation, than no. But there are obligations that we all have that we must and should keep.


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