Sponge Week Continues

This week I have labeled it Sponge Week. No, I’m not at some SpongeBob Conference, but I’ve just been blessed to have opportunities to soak in wisdom from so many different people.

Earlier this week I got to hang out with a good friend of mine, Brad Leach, a church planter in Detroit, MI at a small group gathering he leads of future church planters. They were discussing a fascinating book that I’m going to pick up called, The Celtic Way of Evangelism.

Then the next day, I had lunch with Pastor Bruce Van Hal. He is the church planting pastor at Mount Hope Church where they’ve planted 20 churches in the state of Michigan in the last 19 years. They’re goal is to plant another 10-15 in the next 3 years! That’s big time vision!! Just had a blast soaking up this guy’s wisdom and learning from his experiences.

Now I’m in Surprise, AZ at the Multiplicity Church Planting Conference. The speakers have been good, but by far my favorite moment was last night sitting in the Green Room in the back listening to Dr. Ed Stetzer and Alan Hirsch going back and forth discussing everything from being Missional to Calvinism. These guys are brilliant! That moment right there was worth the whole trip out here!

So that’s the wrap up of Sponge Week so far – now back to soaking it in!!

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