Great Service Today

This morning I spoke at Bethel Assembly in Pittsburgh and had a great time! I had been there a few times as a teenager for Pittsburgh Invasion and it was cool to be back there speaking. Here’s some brief notes:

Nehemiah 1:1-4

>Nehemiah would not settle for where his city was, but he wanted to see his city transformed.
>He walked this journey towards transformation in four ways: (Sorry for the alliteration, I just had to!)

1. He walked this journey with PASSION.
-We need to weep for our city. Seeing our city changed by the gospel needs to be more than just a good idea, we should be passionate about it.

2. He walked this journey in PRAYER.
-As Christians we need to spend this valuable time in prayer to offer ourselves in humility to God to allow Him to empower us to change our city.

3. He walked this journey with PURPOSE.
-This is where we must learn to listen as we spend time in prayer. What is God wanting you to do? What part does He want you to play in transforming your city?

4. He walked this journey with PERSEVERANCE.
-If you’re walking in God’s will and being obedient you can guarantee you’ll face opposition. Will you back down, or is your heart so broken for your city that you know deep within nothing is going to stop you from being used by God?

When we walk those steps we become God’s agents of change in our world and our city and we’ll see lives rebuilt and life restored in our city.

One small testimony: I met three people after the service that had already started a small prayer group in their office complex and really felt God calling them to reach this complex for Christ. They saw their workplace as their mission field! Praise God!!

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  1. thanks for sharing, Nick! It’s great to hear updates on your travels & the other churches we’re connected with. Enjoy your day off!


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