Reaching People By Whatever Means Necessary

“The sacred page is not meant to be the end, but only the means toward the end, which is knowing God himself.”
-A.W. Tozer

As I read this quote, it made me think what means are we using to help people know God himself – to know the person of Jesus Christ? Are there means we haven’t even thought of yet? I think so.

A few weeks ago, I was walking through the mall past Hollister and then Abercrombie and Fitch and if you’ve ever walked by either of those stores there is one thing that will always hit you as you pass by…the smell. It’s not a bad smell, but actually a very welcoming, almost cool fragrance. It got me to thinking, which can be dangerous. In the church world, we use three and often four of our senses very well to communicate the love of Christ:

>Sound: We regularly proclaim the Truths of Scripture and proclaim God’s goodness in worship.
>Sight: We use lights, screens and other tools to help those within the church engage in worship and the message.
>Touch: Depending on your church, the love of Christ is communicated through a firm handshake or a loving hug from a greeter or friend.
>Taste: Many churches actually excel at this one more than any other. Two words: Pot-Luck. Enough said.

The one sense I have never heard of a church using is the sense of smell. Yes, I said smell. You might think this to be crazy, but if God desires we worship Him with all our being (that being all of our senses), how could a church use the sense of smell to direct people to Christ? Would it be pumping a fragrance into their sanctuary or foyer?

Tell me what you think. What are some creative ways we could use the sense of smell in the church? Or what are other creative ways to use the other four senses?

3 thoughts on “Reaching People By Whatever Means Necessary

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  1. Our church has used incense on a couple of occasions, but not other than that. Incense was used in some of the Jewish sacrifices as well. That said, I don’t really like the smell.

    Personally, I think that more people are impacted by their interactions with Christians outside church than inside. So maybe deoderant can be the way to reach people via smell. 🙂


  2. Debbies perfume…I smell it for hours after service. It’s because she hugs everyone and the smell spreads throughout the entire building…including the parking lot.


  3. Barb, Maureen, and a particular young man in church, already have the one-up on ya there. They spread their scent where ever they go…
    However, the best way to spread a fragrance is to be a friend to the friendless out there. Smelling like cookies doesn’t hurt, either.


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