Great Marketing

Yesterday I had the chance to go to New York City with a couple of my cousins and had a lot fun! While there I saw one of the best marketing ideas I think I’ve ever seen. The best marketing scheme accomplishe two things:

1. They meet a perceived need.
2. They go so over the top you cannot help but notice the product.

Charmin has done just that at Times Square. If you’ve ever visited NYC, you would know that after a long day of walking around it’s tough to find a nice clean bathroom to use. Well, Charmin now has the coolest bathrooms I’ve ever seen and they’re right on Times Square. As you wait in line for the bathrooms indoors, there is music playing, people dancing and an MC hyping up the crowd…to go to the bathroom! Pretty amazing. Plus they clean the bathrooms after each use. They even have a merchandise area where you can buy Charmin jackets, scarves, and hats. A toilet paper company is selling jackets!!

If they can get people that excited about toilet paper, how much more should we with the greatest product ever? How does that happen? We just need to be creative. Charmin didn’t create that excitement by just doing things as they’ve always been done. They were creative and went over the top! Can we do the same with the gospel? I think we can!

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