Welcome to the new site! It’s been an ongoing work in progress for the last month, but I’m glad to finally be here!! Look around and check things out. This new site now has a number of cool features:

  • Along the top of the page you’ll see a number of different pages. Those include information about myself , different blogs I read and other links, a page for Nick Poole Graphics, and a page with free resources for pastors & churches.
  • Also, on the right side of the page you’ll see a posting calendar. That is a calendar of all my posts ever. Yep, I’ve importated all the posts from “A Poole of Thoughts.”

I’ll continue to be adding things, but I hope you like the new place. If there is something you would like to see, just leave a comment! With that said, welcome to NickPooleNow.com!!

4 thoughts on “Welcome

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  1. Nick, I guessed that you were creating NickPoole.com… If you would have checked with the judges, they would have given me the credit for the right answer. You’re such a stickler!


  2. I love it! You were right, we won’t we won’t see you in the same way ever again.

    And I have spotted the teeny tiny little smiley face that’s on your page! Nice!


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