Obedience & Blessing

At this time of the year, you hear two things all over the news and talkshows:

  1. Making New Year’s Resolutions
  2. Why We Never Keep New Year’s Resolutions

Making positive changes in our lives and actually sticking to them is a big deal. We all battle with that.

This morning in my One Year Bible reading I read Genesis 11 & 12 where it recalls the story of Terah and Abram. To give you a short recap, God called Terah to take his family and move to the land of Canaan. Rather than doing so, Terah stops in Haran and settles down in the town of Haran.

God had this gift waiting for Terah and his family – all he had to do was follow the command of the Lord. Instead, he settles for second best. He settles for what seams appealing to him at that moment, but God has so much more for him and his family.

If you continue to follow this story, you see that Terah’s son, Abram eventually listens to the voice of God and obeys.  In his obedience, he becomes the recipient of God’s promise to bless the entire Earth.

As you make New Year’s Resolutions or commit to change things spiritually in your life this year, don’t settle for what seems comfortable or just ‘ok’ – strive for what God has called you to in this year.  Because when you are obedient to what God has called you to, you are now under God’s blessing and I couldn’t imagine any better place to be!

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