Down the Home Stretch

Today’s the last day of our week of prayer and fasting.  It’s really been a great week!  The last couple days, especially, God’s really been impressing things on my heart.  One of the things He’s been showing me is how much interaction I have with the churched and how little I have with the unchurched.  I love working with the pastors and churches I work with, but apart from my daily trip through a drive-thru, very rarely do I have any kind of interaction with someone disconnected from God.  God’s really been laying on my heart the need to build relationships with people outside of the church in addition to those relationships I have within the church.

It is so easy and comfortable to simply stay behind the four walls of the church, because there we aren’t really pushed or challenged in what we believe.  I have grown up in the church and find it a real place of comfort.  I’m familiar with it and actually love being in church.  But I think it’s also healthy to have some kind of interaction with those who aren’t serving God.  Then God can use us to expand His kingdom one life at a time!

So what has God been speaking to you this week?  Has He been calling you to a new level of commitment?  Has He stretched you?

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  1. I’ve been feeling the exact same thing P. Nick! I know that it’s now time for me to step out, but to be honest I’m not certain how to accomplish that. Any Ideas?


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