Manic Monday-Neighborhood Cook-Out

Sorry I didn’t actually post this on Monday, but here’s this week’s creative ministry idea: A Neighborhood Cook-Out. The idea isn’t all that cutting edge, but is geared toward helping a pastor get to meet people in the community.

This Neighborhood Cook-Out would be organized by an individual or individuals in your church. They would have a normal cook-out at their home and invite all their neighbors. This could coincide with a neighborhood block party, but it would actually work better a part from any kind of overly organized activity. You can have neighbors bring a covered dish or dessert to ease on costs. Now here’s the kicker: In addition to neighbors being at this cook-out, so is the pastor. It’s a great opportunity for a pastor to not only meet new people in the community, but also to be seen as a normal, everyday person.  The pastor doesn’t need to stand up and preach a sermon or really do anything except get to know some of the neighbors that are there.

It’s a simple idea, but is based strongly on relationships, which I believe is one of the greatest tools to seeing people coming to Christ.

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