At the beginning of Hebrews 12, the author challenges us to “throw off everything that hinders” and to “fix our eyes on Jesus”.  This has always been an inspiring passage for me personally but the principle established here should also apply to how we lead.  Whether you lead a church, a restaurant, a corporation, or just a small group, this principle applies to you.  As a leader we must be focused on who we are and what we do.  There are many churches and businesses that try to do everything.  They see it as their job to meet every need presented to them.  The truth is, though, when we try to do everything we don’t really do anything well.

A key to growth and health is excellence.  Excellence is not just about doing things well, but also about placing yourself and your organization in position for excellence.  Trying to do everything is setting yourself up for mediocrity.  Now the opposing option is not eliminating all activity, but rather all activity that you can’t do with excellence.  As a leader, what can you eliminate?  What are you striving to do that you really aren’t ready or will ever be ready to do with excellence?  I would rather walk into a restaurant and see five items on the menu that I know are really good rather than fifty items that are just ‘OK’.  Keep focused.  Know who you are.  Know what you do.  Do it well.

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