Manic Monday-Just Say No

This week’s creative ministry idea isn’t really all that creative, although it is abnormal and really rather difficult to pull off.  It is something that we all hate to do (for some really odd reason).  It is increasing the frequency we use two little letters: ‘N-O‘.  Try it sometime.  Just say no.

Everyone has a new ministry your church should start.  Everyone has a creative idea that sounds like it would work really well at the church down the street, just not yours.  As a pastor, you are the brick wall that everyone in your church bounces their new ideas off of.  Now understand, it’s a really good thing when people in your church are brainstorming new ways to reach the lost, but in a loving way, you have to say no to many of them.  As I said yesterday in a post, if you try to do everything, you won’t do anything well.

So this week, rather than giving you something new to try to pull off, I figured I’d help you take a step toward health and sanity.  Try subtracting rather than adding.  Just say no.

One thought on “Manic Monday-Just Say No

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  1. Or how about delegating it to someone else. I’m rather good at that.

    I know, I know. Your answer will be no at that suggestion too. 😀

    Have a great day.


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