Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!  I’m looking forward to my plans for tonight…and before you all get excited, I’m taking all the pastor’s kids from our MCM Churches to Chuck E. Cheese tonight.  It’s going to be a ton of fun!  I haven’t been to Chuck E. Cheese since I was a kid, so I’ll get to let out my ‘inner child’ tonight! : )  Plus to top it all off, our children’s pastor and his wife are coming along with Andy, one of our other pastors.

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

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  1. I got an idea. Take someone to shoot some some video. Put in the APC minute.

    Avoid the pizza at all costs.

    Have fun. I’ll be praying for you. Really.

    lol 😀


  2. Follow up to what I said:

    I have prayed. I got such a joy after praying. You’re going to have lot of fun.

    And if you need video, take Brain with you, he’s really good with kids. and if they have a basketball hoop, he can show them how it’s done.

    See you Sunday. 😀


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