God Asks For Our Best

I wanted to share with you a powerful excerpt of a book I’m reading by Max Lucado, A Love Worth Giving:

At the age of six Susie’s most treasured possession was a string of pearls.  

The fact that they were fake didn’t bother her.  She wore them everywhere and played with them every day.  She loved the pearls.  

    She also loved her daddy.  His business often took him away for days at a time.  The first day home would always be one of celebration.  As an adult Susie can still remember the time he spent a week in the Orient.  When he finally returned, the daddy and daughter played all afternoon.  As he put her to bed, he asked this question, “Do you love me?”  

        “Yes, Daddy.  I love you more than anything.

        “More than anything?”

        “More than anything?”

        He paused for a moment.  “More than the pearls?  Would you give me your pearls?”

        “Oh, Daddy,” she replied.  “I couldn’t do that.  I love my pearls.”

        “I understand,” he told her and kissed her good-night.

        As she fell asleep, she thought about his request.  When she awoke, she thought about it some more.  It was on her mind that morning and later in the day.  Finally, that night, she went to him with her pearls.  “Daddy, I love you more than these.  Here, you take them.”

        “I’m so glad to hear that,” he said, standing and opening his attache’ case.  “I brought you a gift.”

       She opened the small flat box and gasped.  Pearls.  Genuine pearls.

       You suppose your Father wants to give you some as well?  He offers authentic love.  His devotion is the real deal.  But he won’t give you the genuine until you surrender the imitations.”  (p.39-40)

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