Behind the Scenes

Being a pastor can, at times, be a taxing thing.  Being a solo pastor at a church even more so.  Sometimes it’s easy to feel as if no one cares.  As if you’re in this battle all alone.  If that’s you today, I just wanted to remind you – God hasn’t forgotten you.  You are right where He wants you.  Keep following Him and the vision He’s given you.  Just because you can’t see the change doesn’t mean it’s not happening.  God is working behind the scenes to advance His Kingdom in your community.  Jesus said to Peter in Matthew 16, “I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.”  He wants your church to reach your community.  He wants you to succeed.  Continue to be faithful – God won’t let you down!

One thought on “Behind the Scenes

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  1. I care. 😀

    God has given me vision. he’s showing me divine appointments and allowed me to see them.

    I am not alone. We are never alone, are we?

    And I am at precisely where I need to be.

    Great message, keep it up.


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