Recession? Maybe not

Check out this video I came across produced by none other than Drew Carey. All we here about on the news today is the fact that our economy is approaching a recession and that our middle-class is slowly disappearing. Well, maybe we’re a little better off than we thought.

2 thoughts on “Recession? Maybe not

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  1. Very interesting video.

    Technically a recession is two quarters of negative GDP growth, so we may have a recession while things are actually relatively good. As this video notes, though, the point is that things are still relatively good.

    This video does put things in proper perspective. I think most “middle class” people feel poor because there is so little restraint on spending. If you are responsible with your finances, you’re not going to keep up with those people who buy everything on credit, so you’re going to feel poor in comparison. Either that, or you are the person who buys things on credit and you feel poor because you are swimming in debt.


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