Volunteers? They’re Everywhere!

Every pastor would say they could always use more help. More volunteers. Well, check out this clip from NBC Nightly News. It tells of the increasing trend of volunteers investing their time and their own resources towards the political campaign of their choice.

What a challenge! If a political candidate can rally individuals toward a cause that can, at best, promise better taxes and healthcare, how much more could the church? I think part of increasing volunteerism in your church is selling the cause. Individuals today (especially young adults & teenagers) will willingly give up valuable time and even personal resources for a cause they truly believe in. All we have to do is give them something valuable to invest into.  (I know, it’s easier said than done!)

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  1. Hey Rob! I’m not planted a church personally, but I work with all the church planters that have been launched out of our church. We’re launching our next one in a little over 2 weeks in Tarentum.


  2. The last thing I volunteered for was on Thursday. It was the Prime Timers luncheon. I’ll tell you, blessings abounded.

    I spent time with Lois, which was awesome enough. The soup was great.

    Ray showed me how to make coffee in the main kitchen. (yes, I learned a lot.)

    Helped the girls with table setup.

    A met a bunch of guys from PCO. To say that they were awesome, really doesn’t them justice. It was an honour and a privilege to be working with these guys.

    During the meal, I handed out the soup. I got a lot of “thank you’s” and returned it with a lot of “you’re welcomes.”

    I had lunch with mom and Diane and Donna’s parents. It was great.

    When we were clearing things up, a PCO guy named Kevin said I should take it easy. Funny, I didn’t think I was doing that much.

    Vicki invited me back. With roast beef on the menu, I am so there.


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