Sunday Wrap-Up…2 Days Later

elvispic.jpgSorry I haven’t had a chance to post the last couple days. This past Sunday was a pretty amazing day! I was pinch hitting in Sharpsburg (enjoyed a great service there!) and then drove up to one of the churches we work with, South Butler Assembly.

The church in South Butler is a very rural church and has run around 30-40 people every Sunday over the last number of years. Well, this Sunday was a huge week for them! The teenagers of the church ran the service performing dramas, instrumentals, among many other specials. They had close to 100 people piepic.jpgcome out for this special service!! Following the service, the real action started – they had a pie auction…with Elvis as the auctioneer!! They raised over $2,000 for their youth ministry. How incredible is that? All in the same week they more than doubled their Sunday morning attendance and invested a large sum of money into their next generation. I’m so proud of Pastor Don and the great job he’s doing!! And how about that Elvis pic?

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