In Gettysburg Today

This afternoon I am at a Catalyst Meeting with Pastor Gerry Stoltzfoos. It is similar to the meeting we have with all the pastors of MCM every month. This month they have Pastor Ron Johnson speaking. I’ll post some live notes below as he speaks:

As we yield to the promptings of God for our lives, there are two things we need to be aware of:

  1. What is the “Now Guidance” from the Holy Spirit?

• Not necessarily a clear direction, but what is God impressing on your heart?
• Once you decide that – act upon it. Don’t take radical steps, but just inquire.

• “Faith without works is dead.”

2. Look for the Fingerprints of God.
• If God is in what you feel Him leading you toward, His fingerprints will be evident.

Seven Pillars of an Apostolic Church

  1. Prayer – Are most of our churches known for their prayer?
  2. Worship – Most Christians spend the majority of their lives praying for God to do what they want Him to do. In worship, our prayer life changes – we start praying in line with what He wants.
  3. Evangelism – There a number of ways to evangelize, but it must be intentional. It’s not going to just happen.
  4. Discipleship – We shouldn’t strive to just win people for Christ, but to add them. Discipleship is not an event, it’s a process. 3 Things Discipleship includes: Instruction, Modeling, Mentoring.
  5. Care
  6. Small Groups – These should not be something that is just mandated. People need to be with others they like being with.
  7. Expansion – Having a global vision of reproduction (Planting Churches!).

Bonus Quote – “Grace is how God relates to us. Worship is how we relate to God.”

This evening I’ll be at Valley Forge Christian College to share in a class with a good friend, Tom Rees. Only being out of college a few years, I always enjoy the opportunity to be on a college campus…even if it isn’t my alma mater! : )

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  1. It’s good to hear your going out to my alma mater, VFCC. It’s always nice to be on that campus. Especially since their mens’ basketball team just won their first league championship since 1988 and Jon Mack was named Coach of the Year. Go Patriots. Just some bragging from a VFCC alum.


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