Honoring Our Heroes

honoringheroes_logo.jpgFor those of you that don’t attend Allison Park Church, I wanted to give you a freebie and let you know something creative we’re doing this weekend at APC. We are honoring all our local police officers, fireman, and E.M.T.’s. Now that’s nothing new, but what is pretty cool, is every police officer, fireman, or E.M.T. that attends will receive a $25 gift card to TGI Friday’s. In addition to that, any APC attender that brings a police officer, fireman or E.M.T. as a guest will also receive a $25 gift card to TGI Friday’s in order to take them out to eat following the service.

Now some of you might be thinking, “My church doesn’t have that kind of money to pull something off like that.” Well, actually your wrong. Most of the gift cards we are giving away were donated by TGI Friday’s. You would be amazed what you can get donated if you just ask!

It’s going to be pretty cool to honor all our local heroes. If you would like to do something similar, you can right click the ‘Honoring Our Heroes’ logo in this post and click ‘Save As’ to use it for your church!

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