Getting Nick Poole Now…Literally

I know many of you enjoying visiting this beautiful, pristine site (I hope you sense my sarcasm!), but just wanted to make you aware of a couple other options you have for reading my blog posts. Just to the right of this post (RIGHT -> ) there’s an area titled “Subscriptions”. In this area you have two basic options that will allow you to have my blog posts actually sent to you (technology is amazing!).

One option is you can have my posts e-mailed to you. Any day I post, you will automatically receive the post in your inbox. If this sounds inviting, you can set that up here.

Another option is using a blog reader. I’ve explained blog readers before so I won’t go into much detail, but click either the Google or Bloglines links to the right to set that up.

Well, I hope this was informational! Now you can literally have ‘Nick Poole Now’! : )

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