The Time Has Come

2008 National New Church ConferenceThe time has come. Early tomorrow morning I fly out for the Exponential Church Planting Conference. I have been looking forward to this conference for months! If there’s wireless, I’ll post notes live – if not, I’ll post them when I can. Either way, feel free to follow along. I know I’m going to learn a ton from this guy, this guy and especially this guy. One of the things I’m always anxious for when going to a conference is ‘who is going to be the diamond in the ruff’?

Especially at a conference like Exponential, where there are so many incredible speakers, it can be tough to spot one. But there’s always that one speaker that you didn’t expect to be amazing that just blows you away.

If you’re heading out to Exponential as well, drop me a line and we’ll hook up. Well, with that I’m signing off. My next post will be from sunny Orlando at the wild & wonderful Exponential!

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