Exponential: Andy Stanley – Plenary Session 2, “Apostolic Vision”

Making Vision Stick

* “Vision is a mental picture of what could be, fueled by passion that this should be.”

* Vision always begins as a burden.

* 5 Things That Help Make Vision Stick

1. State It Simply

§ Memorable is portable.

§ If you’re going to have vision that sticks it has to be portable and memorable.

§ People in our church aren’t asking stupid questions, they’re just telling us that we’re doing a poor job communicating our vision.

§ What is the vision of your church?

§ If you’re vision is going to stick, it has to be really, really, really portable & memorable.

§ What’s the one sentence job description for everyone in your organization?

2. Cast It Convincingly

§ Components of Good Vision (Nehemiah 2)

1. Define the problem.

2. Offer a solution.

3. Explain Why & Why now?

§ Your vision needs to be the solution to a problem.

1. What must be done in the environment you find yourself in?

2. What would go undone if your organization ceased to exist?

3. Smart businesses have crafted themselves as a solution to a problem.

§ Explain Why & Why Now?

1. What makes this the time to do something new in that community?

2. The ‘Why’ & the ‘Why Now?’ is where the passion comes in.

3. Repeat It Regularly

§ Look at the rhythm/cycles of your organization.

1. Spend the time when the most people are there to vision cast.

2. Discover those moments that are most important to cast vision and build it into your regular systems.

§ Vision doesn’t stick, vision leaks.

4. Celebrate It Systematically

§ When you catch somebody living out the vision the way you anticipated, you need to celebrate them – Celebrate the Win.

§ Stories do more to clarify & illustrate vision than anything else.

§ Are you missing opportunities to showcase the wins in your church?

5. Embrace It Personally & Publicly

§ Anytime you can illustrate personally your vision, you need to do it because your people need to see that you are embracing the vision personally.

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