Exponential: Bob Roberts – Breakout Session 1, “Visioning for an Apostolic Movement Glocally”

  • Converts grow a church, disciples change the world.

5 Core Keys of Christianity that Have Impacted Other World Religions (Acts 17:1-6)

1. The Covenant

  • When Abraham made a covenant with God, He was declared the Father of ‘All Nations’.
  • The grid for God’s operation is not the church, but the society.
  • If we’re going to plant churches, we need to transform the society not the church.

2. The Cross

  • The Cross begins to reconcile all things.
  • How does the presence of faith impact the culture?

3. The Commission

  • So many people try to focus on churches and then impact the culture.
  • Our focus should be on Jesus and let the church emerge from that.
  • We have this sense of commission in Christianity, moreso than any other religion.

4. Community

5. Connectedness

  • There has been no other time in history where we have been so connected.

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