Exponential: Ed Stetzer – Plenary Session 1

Trends in Church Planting

* Transition to the Local

* Evangelistic Effectiveness

o Are we being effective in reaching the lost?

* Church Planting Systems

o Assessment

* Resources

* Funding

o Church planting emphasis is shifting from the initiative of a regional or national agency to the local church.

o National Support

§ More money from a national agency correlates with less churches mothering church plants.

* Budgeting & Funding

o Aggressive Church Planting churches

§ Expect church planters to raise 50-80% of their financial support.

§ Provide less financial support than less aggressive church planting churches

§ The more money a church puts into church planting, the fewer church plants they can start.

· Provide 10% or more to the overall budget of church plant.

§ Churches that were 200 or less were 4x more likely to plant churches than churches of 1,000 or more.

* Recruitment, Assessment & Training

o Aggressive church planting churches view assessment, training, encouragement, coaching as more important than financial support.

* What is a Church Planting Church?

o Have 2 of the Following:

§ Does your church regularly send members out to help with church plants?

§ Does your church commit at least 5% of your annual budget to church planting?

§ Do you have a Church Planting Director (full-time or part-time)?

§ Do you have a church planting internship/apprenticeship program?

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