Exponential: Dave Ferguson – Plenary Session 4b, “Genuine Community”

  • We are created with the craving and need for community.
    • From the beginning of time, God is about community.
      • From creating community to redeeming community.
    • Rather than church planters we should see ourselves as community builders.
      • Maybe some of the questions we battle with aren’t really all that important.
        • Contemporary vs. Traditional
        • House Church vs. Church Structure

    How do we create a church of community creators?

    1. Every person in our church has to experience community.
      • Can people experience community in your church?
    2. You have to permit people to create community.
    3. You need to challenge people to co-create community.
      • Never create community alone.
    4. You need to celebrate community.
      • Celebrate both big & small.

    The Church should BE the community.

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