Exponential: Steve Andrews – Plenary Session 4, “Radical Disciple Making”

Steve Andrews is the founding pastor of Kensington Community Church and director of Vision 20/20.

What do we want to be giving our emerging leaders and church planters that have not been given in the past?

  1. Permission to say no.
    • Saying no means you have a crystal clear vision of what you are called to do.
    • Saying no means saying yes to a committed path.
    • New churches falter and die on this principle because they never learn to say no.
  2. Go.
    • The people of a church don’t belong to a pastor, they belong to the work of God.
    • We need to challenge our people to go and follow God.
    • We should always be seeing the greatness in others.
    • Go means you release people.
  3. No ego.
    • We might train people to perform with excellence, but with they lay down their life?
    • Our mission is to transfer the ‘No Ego’ of Jesus and transfer it to our emerging leaders and church planters.
    • We should live open-handed.
    • What are we saving for? Give it all away.
    • We must not only give away everything in our jars, but our jars should also be broken.

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