Exponential Wrap-Up

Now that I’m back, here’s a few thoughts from Exponential:

  • I loved the speakers – This guy was definitely my favorite!
  • Whoever thought of having the conference in Orlando is a genius! You can’t beat mid-80s weather in April plus they have Universal and Disney!! (Not that I could afford either of those)
  • Speaking of Orlando, I drove around Orlando the one night and discovered Downtown Disney on the Disney Campus. It’s basically an outdoor ‘mall’. Pretty cool place!!
  • For those of you that followed my blog during the conference, from what I understand, they are going to be podcasting the sessions. I would encourage you to download them when their launched. You can check out more info on that here.
  • The picture in this post is a guy named Bernhard I met that came all the way from Finland just for this conference!
  • I still feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to go to this conference. The speakers were amazing & the whole atmosphere was inspiring! If you’re a church planter out there, I’d encourage you to go to Exponential in 2009!

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