A Town’s Status Symbol…McDonald’s

Battlefield, MO is a small town just outside of Springfield and this week they announced some exciting news.  With this announcement they anticipate growth, both numerically and comercially.  Their population is approaching 5,000 and they now feel as if they ‘have arrived’ as a town.  Although this small town has yet to boast a post office or grocery store the announcement of a new McDonald’s coming to the town as begun talks of booming growth!

This says a lot about a society.  I would venture to guess that this McDonalds will be a hub of activity in this small town.  Being in Missouri, I’m sure this small town has a church, but the question I have is:  Can a church have such an impact on a community that their very existence in a community changes the community’s outlook of itself?  Just a thought.

You can read the entire article in the Springfield Newsleader here.

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  1. Hello there! my name’s Rob Gillen, I’m the youth pastor out @ First AG in Harrisburg, just wanted to drop you a note and let ya know I love reading your blog! Straight to my email.

    Hope you had a great flight!


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