Revival and Our Spiritual Walk

With the recent talk of revival in Florida, I’ve heard a lot of discussion taking place about this topic. Revival is a very interesting subject and it seems everyone has their own definition of what revival is. The more I’ve thought about it myself, I’ve come to this conclusion. A person’s definition of revival will often determine the direction of their spiritual walk. Let me explain.

Revival to many followers of Christ is the ultimate spiritual experience.  Call it right or wrong, many followers of Christ would agree.  The issue, however, is what does revival look like to you?

My definition of revival isn’t a week or months or years of having services every night.   It isn’t necessarily a few services where people are being healed.  I think revival is most effective as it impacts the mundane. True revival doesn’t actually start in the church, the church simply becomes a gathering of ‘revived’ individuals.  There are numerous components of revival, but I think if personal change in the mundane aspects of life aren’t taking place, I don’t want any part of it!  The reason is because true life doesn’t take place on the mountaintop – it takes place in the valley.  The question I have for you today is this:  How is your definition of revival affecting your spiritual walk?  Are constantly looking for the “Rah-Rah” spiritual experience or are you taking intentional steps to cultivate the divine presence of Jesus in your everyday life?

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  1. Thank you for this Nick.

    You see I believe miracles happen every single day of our lives but we’ve become blind to them. I have made it a goal to work very hard to see the miracles that happen around me, and there have been so many since I’ve been saved!

    I used to very intentionally hide because I was afraid of everyone and everything. I don’t hide any more, I look forward to going out and seeing friends, and people I’ve never met. That’s a miracle.

    I lived my life in darkness and despair. Every minute of my life was torturous. Now I wake up every morning and I’m so happy to have one more day before me. That’s a miracle.

    I used to despise myself, every single aspect of what it was to be me. Now I recognize that I am a child of God. That’s a miracle!!!

    I have watched the Lord change not only my heart and mind but the hearts and minds of friends and family, and that’s a miracle!!!

    If I never get to experience one of those huge spectacular miracles, I’ll still be happy counting the ones that I do see around me, every single day. And there are so many!!

    Maybe I have the ‘rah rah’ mentality. Hee hee. But our Lord is alive and he loves us and walks with us every moment of every day. And that is the biggest miracle of all.


  2. I have a dear friend named Craig Keener who would say the same thing every time he passed a church that was advertising a revival. He would just be so upset that they seemed to think that a week was gonna do it for everyone. He would say, “Revival? Revival? How about a walk, a real, every day walk with the Lord?!”


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