Confidence As a Leader

I have read a number of writings explaining how many leaders lack vision.  I would definitely agree, but I believe a secondary hindrance to growing an organization is not necessarily a lack of vision but a lack of confidence in the vision.

Something I’ve learned is that I will be most passionate and assertive with those things I am most confident in. For example, when in high school I experienced some resistance by our school administration in establishing a Bible Club.  I had just done a lot of research for a paper and new the law in this area inside and out.  My confidence on the topic was great therefore my ability to defend it was great.  Without that confidence I would have been apprehensive at best.

Too many leaders aren’t necessarily lacking vision, they’re lacking confidence in their vision.  How does that confidence come?  It comes when we own the vision personally. When it’s something flowing out of our very being!  If we can own the vision personally, we will share it with passion and be able to defend it with a unique intangible called confidence.

What’s the vision for your organization?  Are you confident in that vision?

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