Leadership Flows From Within

Here’s a question:  When a leader goes on vacation, do they stop leading?

I would say no.  Sure they are not (or should not) be going full-steam ahead, but I think a true leader just leads naturally.  It’s not something they work up or force, it’s almost as natural as breathing or eating.  Why is that?  Because I believe when Jesus said, “Go and make disciples…” he was saying you all have the potential to lead others as you allow me to lead you.

What that means is we will lead most effectively as we are allowing Christ to lead us.  In practical terms, the more time you spend in the presence of God, the better the leader you will be.  Now, there are leadership principles and practices that you need to learn to be an effective leader.  But I would say the difference between a good leader and a dynamic leader is knowing who is leading you.

Remember – you have potential to lead.  Don’t write yourself off, but allow God to lead you as you lead others.

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