The Homeless in Lakeland

A friend of mine passed along this article about a young man who has a life-calling to help the homeless.  His name is Brandt Russo and he’s sold all of his possessions and now lives in a school bus that runs on vegetable oil.  Well, this past week he heard about a group of homeless people in Lakeland, FL that were being neglected and he went down to help them out.  What ended up happening was a run-in with a local pastor at a church that’s been in the news recently, Ignited Church. It’s kind of sad to see two Christians’ interactions come to this, all over people God has called us to minister to – the down and out.  In my observation of this story, it’s sad and really both sides share the fault. Check it out and let me know what you think!

2 thoughts on “The Homeless in Lakeland

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  1. That is an incredible story.

    I believe the true test of any Church is: Is everyone welcome?

    Is a single unwed mother welcome? Is a homeless person welcome? Is an angry, desperate person welcome?

    Jesus welcomes us all.

    I don’t mean anyone has to put up with abuse from others, but we as followers of Jesus should welcome people the same way he did – the down and out, the desperate and lonely most of all.

    Thanks Nick


  2. Hey Nick!

    I actually had not heard about this situation when I stumbled upon your post. I would say that it’s disheartening. I’ve come to believe that the true purpose of revival is so that those who have experienced revival and whose lives have truly been touched by God, are “spun out” into areas of need. I find it ironic that it happens to be this exact place where God is supposed to be manifesting Himself the strongest, and yet it is the people about whom He cares for the most, who are being neglected.


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