Being a Good Steward of Influence

One of the greatest tools a leader has isn’t money, but influence.  With that said, there are a lot of similarities between money and influence:

  • Managing the influence we have can often lead to greater influence.
  • Influence can be given, but it’s most effective when it’s earned.
  • As with money, the more influence you have the more complicated things become.
  • Influence can be invested and when done right, growth is exponential.
  • We are not promised more influence then we already have.  We must be good stewards of the influence we are given.
  • Influence doesn’t grow on trees…use it wisely.

Any you would add?

One thought on “Being a Good Steward of Influence

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  1. Nice concept! I would add: Influence is like an economy. The complexities mean that we are not sure where the ripples of our actions will end up, so ensure that you are influencing for the greater good, not selfish gain.


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