Remaining a Positive Leader

I read a great post on the ‘Leadership Now’ blog.  One of the things I always strive for in my own leadership is remaining positive.  I think it can often be the key between success and failure.  Here’s a great quote they referenced in the post mentioned above:

Positive leaders are unusual in that they choose to emphasize the uplifting and flourishing side of organizational life, even in the face of difficulty. It is not that they ignore the negative or adopt a Pollyannaish perspective, but they counter the tendency toward negativity with an abundance of positivity. In the absence of such emphasis, negative inclinations overwhelmed the positive and a negative climate is the default option.  (Kim Cameron in Positive Leadership)

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  1. Nick Poole – dude I’m so glad to have found you. I’ve been trying to reconnect with everyone from CBC, but I don’t facebook or MySpace – glad to find you and good to hear all is well.


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