Revival in the Land

Back when I was a kid, Carman had a famous album called “Revival in the Land“.  It had some big hits like “God’s Got an Army”, the human video super-song: “A Witches Invitation” and of course “Revival in the Land”.  Revival is something that, for centuries, Christian have sung about, prayed for and truly desired.  Some generations have experienced what we would refer to as ‘Revival’, some were not as fortunate.  As I’ve really thought about this a lot, I am continually convinced that our concept of revival is so skewed.

My personal desire is first for revival in my own life. How can I say this world is going to hell and needs revival unless it starts in me?  I would argue that any revival you have seen throughout history has started with one person. One person going after God with a holy abandon.  Rather then praying for revival and constantly signing about it – my question for you…and for myself, is what are you doing about it personally?

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  1. You are right Nick! That’s the point. It’s easy to sing. But, the question point is: what to do to make this possible. Jesus said that we live not only with food. We need to shearch for his presence day by day. That’s the way to fill are hearts and make difference to the world. Then the revival will come.

    Here, in Brazil, there are many church risen up, but with quantity, not quality. I think this is a big problem.

    Great blog. Congratulations.


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