A New Faith

Francis Macnab of St. Michael’s Uniting Church in Melbourne, Australia is introducing a ‘New Faith’ for the 21st Century. He calls the Ten Commandments “one of the most negative documents ever written”. Check out the whole article here and let me know what you think.

Is this a sign of things to come? Is Francis Macnab right?

3 thoughts on “A New Faith

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  1. Several things concern me, as a future counselor I am concerned that a psychotherapist would take such a public stand against organized religion (which is what he has done). The current ethical codes of the APA and other helps organizations, respect for the clients faith is imperative. He has just blasted that respect out the window in a very public forum. And thus negated the unconditional positive regard that he should afford all his clients.

    He is a member of the Jesus Seminar so that should explain a lot!! And to quote Bill, he is behind the times, new religions pop up all the time. New Age and Wicca (for this generation) take the niceties of many religions and combine them. It really isn’t anything new.

    Finally like so many in our world he is encouraging people to always seek and never find. What an empty pursuit and goal. “Eat and drink for tomorrow we die.” How terribly sad.

    Tragically Nick there are Christians who will blow this off. There seems to be a popular belief that unless we are going to third world countries we aren’t really called to the mission field…We can’t afford that attitude with men like this running around! Nature abhors a vacuum, that includes the nature of our spirituality. The God hole will be filled, do we want it filled with this man’s dribble?


  2. Another false teacher who will mislead many. Unfotunately I believe this would be embraced by many in our present American culture. It can be molded to fit so people don’t have to change!


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