Catalyst Recap

There’s no way to explain what the Catalyst Conference is like in one short post, but I’ll just say it is two days of non-stop creativity, incredible worship and hearing from some of the top leaders in our nation.  With that said, here are some of my favorite quotes of the conference:

  • Andy Stanley, “The power of moral authority is alignment between what you say and do.”
  • William Paul Young, “God is in the midst of our ‘shack’ and He wants to heal us – not because He wants to use us, but because He loves us.”
  • Jim Collins, “Greatness is not a function of the cards we’re dealt.  It is first and foremost a result of our conscious decisions and discipline.”
  • Steven Furtick, “God’s preparing you for what He’s preparing for you.”
  • Seth Godin, “I want to challenge you all to be heretics.  Heretics challenge religion and promote faith.”
    • Props to Seth Godin for giving away a copy of his yet-to-be-released book, Tribes, to everyone at Catalyst – this had to have been a huge expense for him.
  • Craig Groeschel, “When you don’t have It you have to do something drastic to get It back. ”
    • “We need God to stretch us, but before He can stretch us He needs to heal us…And before He can heal us, He has to ruin us.”
  • Tim Sanders, “If not you, then who?  If not now, then when?”
  • Dave Ramsey, “A successful leader develops and maintains a culture in which negatives are handed up and positives are handed down and laterally.”
  • Franklin Graham, “It’s not your gospel, it’s God’s gospel.  It’s not your invitation, it’s God’s invitation.”
  • Matt Chandler, “If you contextualize too far…you’re just a rotary club.”
  • Andy Stanley, “Become preoccupied with thos you haven’t reached as opposed to those you are trying to keep.”

If you’ve never gone to Catalyst, I would highly recommend it!  So much wisdom, creativity and opportunity to meet some great, young leaders!!

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  1. Great quotes and takeaways!

    I had the chance to be at Catalyst again this year (my 4th time) and was challenged and encouraged as always. It’s always so encouraging being around other leaders and seeing what God is doing in His church around the world.

    What session impacted you personally the most?


  2. Yeah – I really enjoyed it as well Brad! What a privilege it was to be able to attend!! The most impacting session for me was definitely Craig Groeschel’s. The whole idea of ‘God Ruin Me’ really stuck with me!

    How about you – which session was most impacting?


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