Manic Monday – High School Outreach

The youth ministry at Allison Park Church did something this past month that I thought was incredibly creative. Worthy of a Manic Monday post! (Read about other creative Manic Monday ideas here) Here’s what they did:

As a promotion for their outreach series The Big Event, which takes place throughout the month of October, they set-up a tailgating party at three local high school football games three weeks in a row. At the tailgate party, they had giveaways, invites to The Big Event outreach and a huge banner advertising the outreach. It worked really well to create some buzz about The Big Event, but what I think was the most genius aspect of this whole idea is that it met students on their turf.

Now you might be thinking, “Is this allowed?” Well of all the schools they went to, only one asked them to leave. My thought is – you never know until you try!

You can read more about this on our youth pastor’s blog here.

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