The Balance of Contentment

Whether you realize it or not, the issue of contentment has become a major issue in our country today. With the issues we’ve been facing in our economy as well as other uncertainties regarding the upcoming election, people are worried. And worry is the result of being discontent with the current or expected circumstances.

Along those lines, our spiritual walk is a constant battle with where our contentment and discontentment lie. As followers of Christ we should be content with what we have materially. Now let me explain – when we are discontent with ‘what we have’ we strive for more and our focus shifts off of Christ. We become slaves to our greed and desire for more. As the Apostle Paul explains, we should be content with what we have in the material.

As we are content with the material, though, we need to be discontent with the spiritual. I don’t mean a frustration or anger, but rather a holy discontent. An unwavering hunger and passion for more of God. Too often we get these backwards. We allow ourselves to be content spiritually and discontent materially. Today, strive to flip it around – be a materially content, spiritually discontent follower of Christ! In that you will find the Balance of Contentment.

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