Confetti Graffiti

Check out this powerful poem by my good friend, Derek Shatto.  It’s based on the picture to the right. To really get a feel for the poem, read it out loud and en1461390054_30057855_154njoy!!
(On a side note, D-Shat also skates with Freedom Skateboards)

Living in a shadowed past
In the love that didn’t last
Too fast to cast the real
Too anxious to peel the forbidden fruit
And dive into fruitless pursuit
The fact it would fail
I wish I knew it
Before I sang the duet
Off key and out of tune
Birthing sin under stars and moon
I’m a sketchy shrub you need to prune
Let my love not go to waste
Bloom a new child like faith
Paste this paper mache heart together
Weather use to abuse
DeFrom all sides
The tides beat down the castle
Nightmares scare up a hassle
One way track on a collision course
Unless some unknown force intervene
And stop this machine
Allowing unseen be seen
Deliver me to the serene, green forests
Between heaven and hell
This home you’ve gift-wrapped to roam
Finding peace to rest at ease
When at the week’s end
Thanks to river bends
Ex girlfriends
Be a little boy beyond playing pretend
Scream and shout!
Run about with arms stretched out
Pouring water from the spout
Enabling the flowers to spring and sprout
It’s truly awesome
More often than not
They won’t blossom
Standing in the flower pot

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