Creativity in Seniors Ministry

With the hopes of stirring some creativity in the world of naming church ministries to senior citizens, here is a well researched list of common names for senior citizens.  I know it’s kind of crazy, but feel free to join in!!  What names have you heard before?

  • Prime Timers
  • Silver Liners
  • Young at Heart
  • Forever Young
  • Keenagers (my favorite!)
  • One I just came up with…sevenforty (like the popular student ministry oneighty, only more revolutions!)

Any more you would add?

5 thoughts on “Creativity in Seniors Ministry

Add yours

  1. In 2 years I can join these groups – and AARP. I don’t want any ‘cute’ name associated with a group I join. I know I’m seeing this from the other side of the Canyon, Nick, but most ‘old folks’ I know are vibrant, energetic people who have TONS to still contribute not only to Church but to the lives of everyone around them. The names should reflect that.

    I suggest: Silver Warriors – or anything that reflects wisdom, tenacity, and energy.

    But I’m sure there are many more. Don’t discount us old folks.

    Boy I’m getting a little crotchety in my old age! *wink*


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