Manic Monday – Balloon Evangelism

I like to use my ‘Manic Monday‘ posts to throw out creative ministry ideas, and this would be no exception. While many of you may not use this approach exactly, it is rather creative. I came across this article on Paul Grabill’s blog and it highlights an approach South Koreans are using to share the hope of Christ with those in the closed nation of North Korea.

What they are doing is launching balloons from South Korea across the border into the closed nation of North Korea. This by itself wouldn’t be that big of a deal, except the balloons are carrying some 10,000 gospel tracts that are contained in three compartments that have a time release mechanism which helps distribute the tracts to a wider area. Not a bad way to get around the whole idea of being a ‘closed’ nation!

Do you have any creative ministry ideas? Submit them to and I’ll post them in future Manic Monday posts.

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