Question…What happens when a pastor has no vision?

Question…Does this really result in no vision at all?

Question…Can a group of people ever gather together without vision?

Question…If the pastor has no vision, then what vision are people following?

Question…What vision are your people following?

or a better Question…Who’s vision are your people following?

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  1. 1. Bad things happen- maybe not on the surface but they appear. Just wait.
    2. I don’t understand the question- please rephrase.
    3. Yes, all the time in coffee houses, and grocery stores. I said this just to prove a point, I get yours.
    4. Could you follow Jesus on a deserted Island without a pastor and his vision? Some pastors think the vision needs them to really matter…thats not the case.
    5. Hopefully everyone’s answer to this is: God’s vision.

    Go to and give a shout out!


  2. 1. Status Quo
    2. No
    3. Sometimes if they think they have a vision! And when they need to belong.
    4. Sometimes there own. Sometimes from other pastors, TV pastors, relatives, God’s vision.
    5. I’m not a pastor. But I hope I sure was a good one with a good vision before I wanted people to follow it.


  3. I have a question for you…What are some good ways for a leader to convey his/her vision? A vision is only a dream unless it is conveyed and put into action…


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