Resources in the Midst of a Recession

As we are all sick of hearing, America is in the midst of an economic recession. If you watch the news for any period of time, all you hear about are the things you can’t do now and aren’t going to be able to do because of the struggling economy. Well, for those of you that are pastors, I have some good news: churches aren’t driven by money.

Isn’t that awesome? A church’s greatest resource isn’t its money, it’s the people in the church. If you’re fearful as to how your church is going to make it through this economic slump, take heart – God has already sent you His greatest resource. He’s sent the most valuable object of His creation: people.

3 thoughts on “Resources in the Midst of a Recession

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  1. Nick are you implying that people are here to give churches money? And are you sure churches aren’t driven by money? Cause I think I have been to a few, that people think they are driven by money…haha just wanted to bust your chops!

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  2. No, I’m not implying people are here to give money, but to give of their time and talent. That’s the beauty of the Kingdom of God – our strength is in our diversity of talents and passions.

    When you get down to the pracitcal, money is important for the operation of a church, but I would hope that most churches would consider its people a higher priority then the money they give.

    Oh, and check out : )


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