Denominations vs. Networks (Part 4)

Continuing with this series, I’d like to address the question of “Can Networks & Denominations Coexist?” Many can have the mentality of either one or the other, I tend to lean in the direction of both/and.

Although denominations are often ineffective in certain areas, so are networks. It’s all about understanding the purpose (read more about that here). In understanding that denominations are and will most likely always be huge organizations, we can’t expect them to foster relationships. Also, networks oftentimes do not have the size to make the impact around the world that a denomination can.

So let’s think of it this way. Rather then seeing denominations & networks as competing restaurant chains, think of denominations as a nice, respectable dining option: Something like Perkins or Bob Evans. And then you have networks as a warm, relationally-driven coffee shop environment: Something like Starbucks or Caribou Coffee. Both of these coexist because they are not in competition with each other. They each provide value to the world as a whole. The same can be said for denominations & networks. They each can provide value to the church world if utilized properly.

What are your thoughts on denominations & networks?

2 thoughts on “Denominations vs. Networks (Part 4)

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  1. I admit this discussion makes me a bit uncomfortable. Having said that, I believe that denominations are good because they keep us doctrinally accountable. I believe networks are good because the encourage us to be the best that we can be. That is probably an over-simplification, but that’s the way I see it!


  2. Nick, I think Networks are going to become ever popular. Especially among young people, because we hate BIG and impersonal.

    Your comment about Perkins and Bob Evans tells me you are a Denominations kind of guy! haha peace.Good posts Nick


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