Looking Forward to 2009

I believe every day and year has been given to us by God. With that mindset and the anticipation of a new year, just wanted to share with all of you some things I’m looking forward to in 2009:

  • Jan. 25: My 10,000th day of life (leave a comment if you have any creative ideas on how I can celebrate)
  • Feb. 1: The Steelers win their 6th Super Bowl (‘one for the other thumb’!)
  • March 31: My sister, Natasha, turns a quarter of a century old! (that’s really old!!)
  • May 7: 10 great interns from all over the country coming to APC for the summer
  • June 2: My parents celebrate their 30th Wedding Anniversary (my mom is still somehow only 30 years old, or at least that’s what she tells everyone!)
  • Aug. 10-14: CityReach’09 – bigger & better then ever!
  • Aug. 16: The launch of our 8th church plant, Element Church, in Millvale with Pastor Rich & Jodi Jones
  • September 10: I celebrate 28 years on this earth…not as exciting as 10,000 days, but a close second
  • Dec. 31: We close out another great year and get ready to do it all over again!

7 thoughts on “Looking Forward to 2009

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  1. Do really think you can get away with this???? I never said I was 30…just 40! Hahahaha! Anyway, I think you should celebrate your 10,000th day by honoring the 10,000 people who have made you who you are! First off, ME!


  2. Hey Nick,

    I saw the part about interns and was wondering if you’ve already filled those 10 spots. Christina’s brother, Nathan Bowling, is in his Jr. year @ Southeastern and is looking for a summer internship. Have you done your recruiting down there yet?


  3. How about a $10,000 donation to your favorite traveling preacher who graduated a few years ahead of you from CBC?

    Best idea I’ve heard all day! =)


  4. Mom, you’re giving away your age!! Hahaha – Tim, if I had $10,000 I might consider it!! : ) Start playing the lottery for me and let me know if you win!!


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