Raising Money for Church Planting

Every church planter (except for those millionaire planters) have to fundraise to some extent. Some more then others, but it’s still a necessary part of starting a church from scratch.  With that said, just wanted to share some fundraising tips for all you church planters or church planter-hopefuls out there:

  • This might sound very basic, but I can’t express how necessary this one component is.  Before you ever look to raise any kind of money, give your fundraising to God. Make sure your efforts are concentrated with prayer.  Understanding God’s role in raising funds and involving Him in that process is critical.
  • Make sure your vision and purpose for planting is clear. There’s nothing worse for a pastor then to have a guy sitting across the table asking for money and not having a clue what he’s going to do with it.  Know your vision and know how to communicate it with passion & conviction.
  • Once you’ve prayed and have clear vision for your church plant, begin to look for financial partners. This might be a healthy church in the area mothering your plant (ideal).  It might be a number of churches investing finances and people into the formation of this new church.  It could be a number of individual donors that believe in your vision.  One of the more popular fundraising routes today is planting through a church planting network (or denomination).  You can oftentimes receive more funds this way, but there are usually stipulations.  The best thing to do, though, in finding financial partners is to use various combinations of these sources.   Multiple sources will ensure more stability.
  • If you’re having trouble finding financial partners, try breaking your expenses down.  For example, rather then asking a pastor to give $50,000 toward planting your church, you ask him if his church could purchase a video projector for $3,000.  This not only makes things more manageable for a money-conscious pastor, it also is a more tangible investment for a church or investor.
  • One last thing…remember, if God has called you, He will provide!

Anything you would add?

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  1. Great post! I would also add to not be afraid of asking your launch team to sacrifice financially. During pre-launch phase, I asked each of them to pray about what God would have them give. Then I passed a basket around our living room and asked them to drop a piece of paper in the basket with no name, but the amount that they were committing to give. It enabled us to have an idea of how to budget.

    We also, had a “baby shower” for our plant. We selected various items that we needed, and put an album together where friends could click on an item and purchase it for our church. Every little bit helps, and that’s a way for your launch team to spread the need to their contacts as well.


  2. Dear in Christ,
    Greetings in the matchless name of Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
    we are seeing your website very useful our ministry
    Our ministry area is in Coimbatore the District in Tamilnadu State . We are involved in various ministries.
    We conduct personal prayer two days in a week. Lot of people belonging to various religions participates in the meetings. Many were delivered from various problems through this ministry.
    This prayer meeting is conducted in a rental building. Once a month we gather together and pray for the revival in India and the blessing of the people in our city- this is a fasting prayer. Many people participate for these prayers. Many received miracle healing and deliverance from the clutches of demon.
    Once in a month we conduct a fasting prayer in a auditorium. Every week on Sundays evenings we have prayers for the people who were under the bondage of various problems (deliverance meetings). Even the heathen people participate in these meetings. We have lot of testimonies. We will share with you in the near future for the testimonies.
    Once a year by the grace of God we conduct a Deliverance festival (Crusade meetings) in a big open ground. Thousands of people attend in the meetings.
    We were invited to preach the gospel in many churches. We go by a team and conduct the meetings.
    These are the various kinds of ministries. We trust in God and do the ministry. We fully depend upon God and our ministry is a faith ministry… God provides all our needs.
    As the ministry is growing fast and at present we are conducting the meeting in rental building we pray earnestly to God to have a own land and construct the church, that would help us to bring more people into the vineyard. We pray to God and you can assist our ministry as the Lord leads you.
    Our future vision is to have the following ministries:
    1. To start orphanages for the poor and needy children.
    2. To start village ministry – preaching the Word in the interior villages and hamlets where there is no gospel.
    3. Television ministry – presenting the Word of God through Television.
    4. Hill tribe ministry. There are many tribal areas adjacent to Coimbatore city.

    5.Widow and aged people orphanage

    6.To start prayer cell

    7.students education help

    8.Pastor’s and Evangelist fellowship

    9.Woman’s ministries

    Please uphold our ministry in your prayers. Please pray for our ministry.
    May the Lord use you mightily in India and save a group of people through your ministry. We pray that God would use you ministry throughout world. We uphold you, your family and the ministry in our prayers. Kindly pray for us.
    looking forward to hearing from you.
    in His Vineyard
    E-mail :
    miracleofjesusministries@ yahoo.com
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    I am waiting for your reply
    you come India , You preach the word of GOD.We are arrange crusade you pray , you contact with me..
    PH 0091 9842219223



  3. Dear All in Christ,

    I was baptized on 15-August-1998. Since than I have a fire to work for God. I have walked long distances in Orissa & Uttar Pradesh to preach the gospel of Jesus and distributing literature. I also conducted free classes for poor for teaching computer education and Spoken English. Along with this every Saturday, I used to conduct Bible Classes and Prayer. 90% of the students were unbeleivers (Muslims, Hindu etc). I believe that this was one Good way of preaching Gospel. But because of financial problem Like paying rent, Electricity Bills, distributing Bibles had become problem for me because my income is not enough. I have to maintain my family also.
    Who ever reads this, Kindly pray and suggest me how to raise funds for maintaing all these. I do not have any denomination problem also. I can work with any denomination. My aim is to preach the Gospel of Christ by means of free education to poor and down trodden people.

    Please someone guideme.


  4. Dear Beloved,

    This letter comes with pleasure from HERE 4 YOU FUNDS Inc, which is a US incorporated Grant writing and Fund Development Service provider for Christian Missions and Institutions worldwide, for more information about HERE 4 YOU FUNDS Inc. Please visit http://www.npfunds.net.

    It is my pleasure to inform you about the Brotherhood Charity Group Grant to religious institutions (2009) involving the distribution of $ 200,000,000 (Two hundred Million US Dollars) amongst community churches in need worldwide, as a stimulus to assist community church groups like yours cope with the global recession.

    While your church/group may be qualified for the grant of $ 50,000 (Fifty thousand Dollars) – $ 250,000 (Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars), the Brotherhood Charity Group grant is optional, and the grant must be preceded by an indication of your interest in the grant by way of a formal application to be made under your church headed paper and under your church seal and addressed to:

    Prof. Jaq. L. Turner (Mrs.).
    The Coordinator:
    Brotherhood Charity Group Grant to religious institutions (2009)

    Applications for this grant program must be sent by email between the 27th day of August 2009 up until the 27th day of December 2009. Applications received after this date may not be processed.

    We wish you success.


    Jeffrey J. Rodman, CFRE, CGS, M.Ed.
    Preseident and CEO,


  5. S. Balarama
    273/2, Church of Christ Street, K.K. Nagar, Nr. NGGO Nagar, Chengalpattu-1 Kanchipuram Dist. Tamil Nadu
    Mobile: 09899687312, 09994454724, Email: gospel.christ9@gmail.com


    Subject: Request to start a New Church / New Ministries

    Dear Brothers, Sisters & Respective Elders,

    With lots of good wishes of Christmas and New Year 2010, may peace of God’s power be upon you always and I wish all the best for the gospel work and I also encourage each one of you to grow in spiritual faith everyday. Deep in the word in knowledge of Jesus Christ our Lord.

    My Name is S. Balarama, I live in India with my family, I speak English & Tamil, i have 4 kids and other family members. I have done my Bible Graduation from World Bible College (Chennai-1987) I have preached and planted many ministries in and around South India, in villages and cities. Many have turned from the sins. My passion is to lead people to Christ in my life.

    Brothers and sisters i want to multiply my gospel work by planting new Churches and ministries in and around South India and North India with the team of my fellow Christian friends, therefore i required help, financial help and i am looking all around the world and emailing all of you . I believe that you can surely help me to plant a new church in India.

    The plan:

    1. We are few friends who are passionate to preach the word of God all over India.
    2. The foundation of our Church will be evangelism, inviting new friends to church service and teaching them Bible convincing them by the reality of the Bible to become disciple of Christ.
    3. Our goal will be minimum 5 baptism every month
    4. We will be conducting 2 house meetings (Devotionals) during the week like on Tuesday & Friday and then Sunday worship service.
    5. Everyday evangelism plan will be followed.
    6. Every day teaching disciples the Bible etc.

    The expenses will be for the followings:

    1. Church Place (We have to buy)
    2. Conveyance for the members who come from remote places

    3. Communion Set up
    4. Financial Help of the poor members of the church
    5. Daily ministry expenses (snacks, tea, coffee)
    6. Evangelism & stationary expenses (invitation card to invite people for church and songs books to be printed)
    7. Money to buy Bibles

    Minimum Budget to run this Church

    The amount will come around Rs. 30,000/- Indian currency per month
    Euro Around = 500 per month
    American dollar around = 600 per month

    Note: The Church building will be rented only. If we buy land and build the amount will vary the place and materials etc. etc….

    Place of the Church will be a rented auditorium in a normal town like Chengalpattu Tamil Nadu (India) or Mahabalipuram (a Tourist Place near Sea Beach at Tamil Nadu India). If we start our Church in a Metro city the charges for the hall may be calculated later.

    Please help me start my service through this Church. Please let me know. I will be very grateful to you and your fellow church members.

    Dear brothers in the name of the living God I pray that my request will be accepted by you and the name of the Load will be glorified through our join partnership of gospel. If you require any other details please fee free to ask me.

    I am waiting for your kind help to start God’s Work in India

    In the service of the Lord Jesus, Amen

    S Balarama
    Gods Servant



      1. Thank you for your reply, sorry for the delay.

        I was born in a hamlet at Karnataka state. With much pain and poverty he was grownup and became a scholar cum social worker in his young age. In the age of 20 years he came to Chennai and wandered here and there for a job.

        Finally as it has already been decided by God, the founder was led to be joined in a bible school, Chennai, where he completed 3 years diploma course in theology and became an graduation preacher who preached across Tamilnadu and Kerala regions, among the poorest Non-Christians who were taught about glory of Christ and brought to receive Jesus Christ as their Xavier.

        Finally, s.balarama of CFI was thrown up by the paul renganathan of bible school, Chennai, since i had not agreed their unrighteous ministry against God. So, i and my poor family suffered much, without any kind of support.Afterwards the i established his own Congregations and children’s home at Chengalpattu with much untold misery and pain

        your in Christ,


  6. Brothers and sisters in CHRIST,

    I am trained pastor, who is serving my Lord from my childhood. Now I am looking forward to redeem my fellow people from their sin and earthly things. Inthis aspect I am planning take my so called CHRISTIAN lives to my Redeemer’s peaceful world that is CHURCH.. So I am looking for the generours hands to help me to build new church and fellowship group .. Please do needfull by helping to get funds and doing the same from you too. If you feel you need the details I will forward the details in my next mail.

    Yours in CHRIST

    MOBILE; 9341632330 9341550115


  7. Introduction

    Iam Pastor Rajan George, founder and senior pastor of Shalem Gospel Church. We are registered body and registered under public trust act of M.P. Shalem Gospel church is engaged in following ministries.
    1. Evangelism
    2. Church planting
    3. Childrens evangelism and charity.

    Our Present Activities.
    We are a non-profit organization.
    At present we have 15 tribal and village churches in different places of India.
    We have childrens club where we teach the children about Jesus Christ and His teachings.
    We are also working among youths to bring them to Christ.

    Our Vision for future

    1. Our vision 2012 is 200 churches by 2012.
    2. Orphanage for poor and orphan children
    3. Bible schools to train the native missionaries
    4. Old age home for poor and destitutes

    Our Requirement

    1. We need your regular prayer support from you, so that this ministry may grow day by day and bring glory to His name
    2. We need financial support to achieve our vision 2012 and our other future projects
    3. If you can come and preach among these people we welcome you to our place. You can also see our work with your own eyes.
    4. We need a jeep for the ministry since we don’t have any kind of four wheeler vehicle as our own.
    5. Land and church building in different places.

    Please pray for us and if the Holy Spirit leads you then partner with us in this ministry.

    May God bless you

    Your’s in His ministry

    Pastor Rajan George
    Indore, India
    Cell No.0091-98930-22112


  8. Beloved Brother in Christ.

    Iam john . Iam from India . Brother we are running ministry named Betania Miracle Ministry . Its is plant in souther side of India. Brother we want a ministry should have a pray tower in tribal area in northern. We have gone through our expnsive is only about sum of Rs 1,50,000. Brother trust us we are having registration no. In jesus named iam coming to you please help us preach the word of god to unknown people. i will be waiting for your reply.

    thank you


  9. Dear Beloved in Christ,
    Harvest is plenty labourers are few.I belong to dedicated christian family.. My father is a pastor in Andhra Pradesh State,South India,He’s in the church planting ministry for the last 37years and planted over 700 churches in and around the State of Andhra Pradesh.partenered with international organizations like ICM,PATMOS,NEW DIRECTION INTERNATIONAL,OMS,Etc……Since he’s commited to an organization he has certain limits and rules to be obeyed and not to cross the limit..
    About me i have constructed around near about 16 churches working a civil contractor for the organization.
    Still we have around more than 100 applications forms who are in need of a church in the far corner villages,the viilagers are willing to Donate the land for the organization support them. Due to the lack of funds the organization my dad works for is not in a position to support new churches.
    If you are willing to partner with us and support for the construction of churches please keep in touch so that i could send you a details project proposal.


  10. Respected Pastor,

    A very warm welcome to you in the matchless name of our lord Jesus christ. Pastor my name is john. Iam working for the ministry Betania miracle ministry. Pastor we are doing village ministry. We have our Registrtion no . I want this ministry should have a prayer tower in my place .And iam from trible area just belive we have no finicial support we dont know want to do. Pastor if you can help us . To preach the good news through all over the world please come forward. Support us by your prayer and finicial need . JUST BELIVE WE ARE TRUE IN CHRIST.



  11. We plant the churches and train the men & women for
    the proclaiming of the gospel. We also run free education
    school, New life Children’s home, Medical Care Center for
    poor and lessprivlaged people.

    I wish to build a bridge of relationship & partnership between me & you
    so that we can stand together and transform and win many
    lives who are perishing every day.

    Vision /Goal
    God has given us vision to reach to save the lost soul
    those who are dying without hearing the gospel. Though this
    is a great and difficult task but not impossible, because we
    serve a God where nothing is impossible. G.N.P.S is working
    with a specific Motto and Vision for North India and Stand
    for Glorification of God, Peace on Earth and Welfare of all.
    Our Aim is not only the Spiritual Freedom of all People but
    also the Freedom from the Mental, Physical and Social evils.

    Looking forward to hearing from you


  12. New Jerusalem Church
    Shalom is to you in Jashua Messiah and Peace is to you in Jesus Christ.

    Dear Sir, we are worshipping God in Jesus with few poor believers in rented house and praying for a long time in temptation.

    We have plot on which the church shelter will be constructed soon with Asbestos Sheets.

    Dear Sir we want your kind assistance and your Holy fellowship in Yashua Messiah for the church construction in PONNUR.

    Your Brother in His service,
    Bro. Jesus Padam

    Cell no -9701047991


  13. Dear,pastor praise the Lord

    I am a church Evangelist I am looking for some supportes who willingly support our cause to carry on our visin among North Indians . I am a Hindu Convert who accepted Christ as saviour in the year 1995 and I am working among Punjabi Hindus. I have a vision to start a new ministry registered with the Government rules. I am looking for someone to help me to carry it in and pls pray for me,and help me.who will help me
    Pls, give me help some money for starting a new church in the non-christan people.
    I am short of money these days. Kindly keep this in mind and send us your reply as guided by the Holy Spirit
    With much regards and blessings to you all
    I shall be thankful to you.
    With much love. .
    .your’s in christ
    Darpen masih


  14. Im a physical therapist called by God to lead an evangelical ministry located in the islamic stronghold of Kaduna in Northern Nigeria,West Africa. Here, the preaching of the gospel is often hindered by strong persecution and financial constraints.We are requesting for help from anyone who is led by the Lord to financially support our evangelistic crusades and church building project. Your support will contribute greatly in saving many perishing souls in this part of Africa.


  15. I called by our Lord Jesus in 1985 and Iwas doing part time work for Lord Jesus. In the year 2007, He called me for full ti me ministry and doing His work Under the nane Faith Prayer Fellowship. Now Lord Jesus using me for Deliverance Ministry.
    The work is being done in a small rented room in Nagercoil. In order to develop it in to a proper manner it requirs more fund. Any How father God is providing the Present needs. It is in His hands to make it large. But human support is also inneed. So kindly suppor for the widdening of Lord’ ministry and get back from Him from heven.

    Thanking you

    Yours in chrisr,
    T.D.Christopher rajan.

    Faith Prayer Fellowship,
    9/4 Nehuru Street,
    NAGERCOIL 629001
    Kanyakumari District,


  16. First of all I greet you in Jesus name and I hope that you are doing well.
    I am called Pastor Ruramutswa john, from Rwanda Kigali, I have a Ministry called New Hope Ministries
    it’s an a Christian Ministries.
    God has called me to serve people not to be served as Jesus said that I did not come to be served but to serve that’s how the heart of a real Leader must be.
    Now in our Ministry we have 123 widows and 156 orphans, and the Abused Children ,all these they have many problems and most of them they have affected by H I V/AIDS . now God has called us to be with these kinds of people so that we may see what we can do for them and how we can bring new hope among them. apart from that problems ,they have other problems like

    1 lack of food
    2 lack of clothes
    3 Lack of School fees
    4 Lack of lodge where they can stay

    Now we need your helper and partnership , sot that we may take care these children of God and see how we can make change in they life ,Jesus said that a true Religion is that cares the Widows and Orphans . sure we hope to receive what God will tells you to send to these Venerable Children and widows . and also stand with us in prayer so that we may be guided by Holy Spirit in this work. the bible says in jams 1;27 that Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you . so if possible you can visit us and have a Partnership with you ,and also if you have any question contact us . Amen
    Pastor Ruramutswa john
    PHON +250 07 88 73 96 53


  17. Rev.Isacc dhas
    Mahanaim bible school
    Thomas cottage
    Poonchery post
    E-mail iisacc_dhas@reediffmail.com
    Phone 00919965450250

    Beloved brothers and sister in christ.Greeings to you all in the sweet name of our lord jesus christ.We are very glad to meet you through this e-mailand introduce about MAHANAIM THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY IN IDIA.People from various part of the world are commig to india to hear the ancient of theology .Indian philosophy and theology.such people from abroad are mistead from christ for enternity through christless communities therefore we planned to offer study on India christian theology and philosophe specificelly for the people from abroad.this year we are looking for more students the coursewould be start augst please write to us for application form.Best boarding and lodging would be provided for the student.Please intrduce about our bible collage to your church members and friends .We are hardly praying for Good teacher and missionarys and supporters and partners from abroad for our bible school in india.We are looking some supporters for building .Any pastors or church leaders would love to visite us and partners with us please kindly send mail to us please.We are looking up your prayer and kind visite to India.We will arrange special meetings and crusades and conferences.You are most welcome in christ.We are praying for your ministry and famil.May god bless you.
    During our annual convention meetings I was staying in a lodge in Rapelli,Guntur District AP. From the balcony I just peeped down the street, here I saw two little girls dirty and barely clothed searching for food in the gutter waters of the lodge. This water was an open drainage for the entire street. Such was their hunger and desperate need; these girls were searching for something to eat in black gutter waters. To my anguish I saw one of the girls find a gooseberry from those dirty gutters. She just wiped it in her clothing and started to eat. Latter these children moved to a near by open trash can where there were some pigs searching for food. These girls also joined along with them searching something to eat. My heart was broken and burdened for these children. I enquired about them from the lodge manager and found out that they belong to a particular community called Yanadhi community. Immediately I sent my assistant to get more details of this community. I also personally went to the hamlets where they lived.

    In twenty First century in modern era where India is marching towards great economical freedom this community people have never been to school. They live on the river banks and canals of Andhra. They hunt rats and fish for survival. The male folk plant coconut trees for rich landlords. They live in a very unhealthy and unhygienic situation. Pigs and people live together. And they are treated as untouchables in the community. Most of the children had sores and unhealed wounds in their body. Immediately we went village after village talking to the village heads to send their children to school. Some of the village heads refused to send them to school saying if their children went to school instead of catching rats it will be a curse on the community. We started a home with a passion for these children and to see their lives transformed, now there are more than 25 children in this home under the care OF US.

    For the first time this children sleep on mats, have pillows, use tooth brushed, wear slippers, watch television, drink safe water, wear good clothes, go to school in dignity and above all get to know there is a loving Savoir behind.Please pray for this kids and our good work for the lord.Brothers and sisters Please tell to your friends and family about this home.We are looking up your prayer and kind visite with mercy help in christ.May the blessings of the lord be with you all allways Aman Aman Aman
    Yours brotherly
    in christ
    Rev.Isacc dhas
    How best you can help this ministry?
    10 ways out of many ways…
    1. Organize a fundraising walk, run, bike or cycle rally for orphan children.

    2. Form a house group and start praying for us, Invite guests for an Indian night and share some Indian recipes and your cooking skills.

    3. Give a reference to other organizations, matching grants and charities

    4. Start a charity shop and register with your government for tax exempted donations

    5. Keep a small collection box for Indian orphan children on your business table. Write to us and we will send you printed literature to keep near your donation box.

    6. Invite us to come and share in your church/ house group/ school/ college/ office

    7. As a church Dedicate one Sunday offering, or a periodical monthly/ quarterly/ half yearly donation to the our ministry work in india

    8. Donate a feast for all the children on your dear loved ones birthday/wedding anniversary. All our children will pray for their welfare, Our ministry will call on that day and wish them and tell him/her that you gave a feast for 100 poor children on that special day. See the tears of joy rolling down her/his cheeks for sure

    9. Auction talents in the church such as beauticians, electricians, plumbers, handy man, moving, car wash, and baby sitting etc Dedicate your Garage Sale.

    10. Leave a legacy for generations
    Please send your loving offering or donation bellow bank account please
    Name Isacc manuvel dass
    Bank name ICICI BANK
    Bank account
    number 615201512296
    Bank address ICICI BANK LIMITED


  18. Respected GOD,s Peoples … Greetings to you in the name of our lord and Savior Jesus Christ.Sir “Arise & Shine Ministry(trust) Registered, was started on 13oct2007 for a Christian Charity work.at present we have def rent-2 small ministries-such as Magazine,church planting ,children s mercy ministry, street childrens ministry, prayer group ministries.in few parts of uttrakhand ,Rajsthan, western UP.Punjab,under this ministries.few youths are working for God’s Kingdom. our team member had decided with prayer fully to start a 1year youth disciples training school on 1st march-2011 in dehraun (uttrakhand)for those who have zeal & vision to do some real work for GOD kingdom.our target is Helping them to fulfilling there vision, trough the training we want to make them self dependent in ministry area.during ydts training term with Biblical study we trend them about candle plant, soap plant,stitching cloths plant, & basic computer technology.after complete study we will send them to different parts of india.in The name of our Holy Jesus Christ during this time we Decided to provide for each person some material to make their on living and shine out there light in their own ministry field so they can minister to people independently without any financial support from others.
    If you could please help us financial and through prayers.we would be very thankful

    for this kind act of use,fell free to ask any kinds of information about our ministry.
    thanking you.
    More Details log on our website : –

    Brother – Shyam Durga (Founder)
    Dehradun – Indai


  19. Dear Christian Friends,
    Greetings, in the sweet name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, Who is coming very soon,
    A lot of things are urgent, some things are important, but one is the top priority proclaiming Jesus to the un reached people of the world. There are so many vital things that contribute to helping, blessing, teaching and serving the body of Christ. However, if the church, the people of God forgets the great commission of Jesus to go in to the entire world and preach the gospel, we will miss our purpose to being in the earth. It will take the entire body of Christ working together to fulfill the great commission, that’s why I am sending you this e-mail. We need someone who wants to plant sister churches in Ethiopia and serving the people of God by giving training, and held conference. If you want partnering with us please contact Rev. KEFELEGN SAHLE, P.O BOX 260, ZEWAY, ETHIOPIA, E-MAIL: hhpkefelegn@gmail.com , Tel: (251)912189048.
    In His Service

    Mrs. Aster Abebe,


  20. Thank you so much for the advice. Last June 24, 2012 we just started our church planting ministry here in Polomolok, South Cotabato, Philippines. First meeting we had gathered 8 children and 2 mother, God’s Word was successfully shared to them. Second meeting, praise the Lord attendance increases to 25. We just had our meeting at the front of our friends house which is not safe specially when it is raining since there are no roof. Our prayer is that, That God will send us individuals that could help us in this ministry. We are praying for the church lot since there are no church yet in the area. Hopefully this request will be realized soon. Thanks Brethren for your kindness.


  21. Thanks for explanation,to my side people had volunteer to give venue without no building,no chair,speakers.please finance on this.


  22. I am a 63 year Old Indian who is involved in church Planting for over 30 years. As I read above, I had a definite call to go to where I am now. Immediately I vowed to my Father in Heaven that I will never serve Him for a salary but will trust Him and His word to meet all my needs. My wife and I or my children wear no jewelry or wear costly costumes. The Lord gave us 5 kids and took away one. The other 4 children are engineers and post graduates and one serve the Lord full time. We also pledged our land and buildings for the Living God. I write this purely for the Glory of God.

    As a church planter I have tithed and gave more to other mission agencies, churches and national Christian Workers. I am 63+, and a diabetic and a victim of total paralysis (healed). My first and the only option is Prayer, fast and prayer and waiting. I have had the opportunity of hosting multinational Evangelists, pastors and missions leaders. I later learned that, most of them promise great things and forget, deny and even spread negative statements against me and my work. I am extremely sorry to tell you that westerners conclude and maintain a black book on Indians, that Indians are frauds and cannot be trusted. And they will also secretly make inquiries about us and the work we do here. And they return with photographs and video films of their, “great work” in India and use this to promote their own interests.

    And there are individuals who claim that India is a rich country and therefore missions in India can raise their own support. Partially it may be true and a reality for the age old ‘Main Line Churches”, where they have salary oriented people. The trend in India these days is that people are leaning more towards,
    “Faith Healers “gather the crowed to millions through miracles. Though they preach that “CHRIST JESUS IS COMING VERY SOON”, on one hand, on the other hand, they also buy million dollars worth properties and construct huge buildings. WHO’S CHURCH IS MEGA CHURCH ? is the competition now! Indian Christians, Instead of Expanding the Kingdom to the “unreached Millions” dump their millions to extravaganzas. And people who are able to afford to TV and other modern media coverage can survive.

    And there are others who are deceived by “Social Web-sites” like Facebook, Myspace and such like. One may have thousands of friends. And our imagination sours and we have visions of getting millions in donations. Soon we realize that No matter how big a christian they are, very few respond!

    How will a bare-foot, grass-root level Indian church planter survive? All of them have families, children and other needs. Some start with just a shoulder bag and bible in their bags? They visit villages, walk through valleys, hills and in rain and shine they work hard and have planted churches in villages where there were no Christians since creation. They feed their congregations on Sundays and in some cases provide 2 way bus travel money. I don’t think any graduate and degree holder in Theology or the sophisticated Overseas “Man Of God”, will even try it for one day.

    Bethel church plants this way. Bethel embraces many Independent church planters under one umbrella and supports them in small ways, whenever the Lord provides funds. We do want to support them in big ways but have no opened doors yet. Kindly, Pray for us. Visit our web-site and write to us.
    Director & Senior Pastor


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