Be an Interceder for Your Leader

Steven Furtick posted some good thoughts on interceding for your leader.  Here’s a few of them:

  • Commit to praying scriptures over your Pastor regularly and while he is preaching. There is nothing more powerful than God’s Truths spoken over their lives. One example is that it “is not by wise or persuasive words, but by the demonstration of the Spirit’s power”. I also pray that the words spoken come straight from the heart of God and are “sharper than a double edged sword”
  • Pray continually for God’s wisdom, revelation and knowledge to be poured out on them.
  • Sensitivity and confidentiality is crucial.  If your Pastor wants the entire church to know his burdens or battles, he can tell them.
  • Pray protection over your spiritual leader. They are prone to burdens and attacks you may never know about. Put on the armor of God for them as found in Ephesians 6.
  • Listen to God intently. He can show you things to pray for so you can be on the offensive.  Spirit led prayer is the most powerful and effective.

Check out the rest of the post here.

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